l'été à vézelay

exhibition françois brochet


The gallery (Vézelay)

Since 1942 François BROCHET crossed many times Vézelay’s paths.
This Place, where he drew and painted for 52 years, now exposes his sculptures, paintings, engravings and tapestries.
The themes range from, beach scenes, the circus, poetry, towns,
elegant women…


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Musée des visitandines (Auxerre)

In 1983 François BROCHET gave to the town of Auxerre a hundred wooden
polychromed sculptures, which make up the group “The massacre of the innocents”
under it’s glass dome, La Chapelle des Visitandines put’s a ray of light over them all.
every summer, the maternities, the prisoners, the messengers… speak to the
astonished visitors.


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