François BROCHET

François BROCHET was born in Paris on the 3rd of January 1925.

His father, Henri BROCHET, was a painter and a man of the theatre.

Therefore he grew up in an artistic atmosphere.

He met “the Corbusier” in Vézelay In 1942.

In 1948 he had his 1st exhibition in Paris

In 1963 he won the prestigious Bourdelle prize

From then,he went on to, whilst continuing his sculpting, to draw,

Paint & engrave.

He had exhibitions in Paris, Chicago, New York,Los Angeles…

Gold medal from the “Beaux arts”, French “Salon des Artistes”, Biennial

Human form.

His work was sold to The town of Auxerre, The Yonne department, the city of Paris, hand  is in private collections all over the world.

Chevalier of Art and letters

He died on the 10th of August 2001 after completing more than a thousand sculptures

In 54 years of daily work.

Paint, sculpt, engrave, all come from the same beginning,: drawing,FB