The Accolay potters

Who doesn’t remember the potters from Accolay !!…

Between 1950 and 1970, One could see on the roads through Burgundy between Appoigny & Fixin,flowering, an extremely popular style of pottery, always unique pieces, a mixture of esthetism & humour. From the very beginning this community adventure became an enormous success and huge “drive in” sales were made all along burgundy’s main roads.

This ludic world was a ceaseless renewal between, jewellery, toys made out of ceramic& wire, masks…  recycled sheet metal, all using  a mixture of multiple   materials: ceramic,vegetal fibres, resin, glass, plastic…

Situated less than 30kms from the village of Accolay, LA CAVE  underneath the gallery L’ETE A VEZELAY, in the former 12th century pilgrims dormitory, has become the ideal place to give back life to these innovators of pottery.

This place is entirely dedicated to ceramics from the1950’s-70’s.

Today’s tourists who come to Burgundy can admire the cohabitation of Cistercian purism of George Jouve & the exuberance of the Narthex & the capitals of the Basilica Sainte Marie Madeleine who inspired the Accolay Potters.